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Dean Castle December Travels


December 15, 2012, organized by the company's Dean Castle day trips, participants include the factory five years old or more employees 2011 talented employees, and part of the post system personnel. Nine in the morning collection starting all the way along go to Southampton's provincial highway, directed at the three hundred years ago, the majestic and spread the same three hundred years the legend came Wufeng Village, Ting Town, Tongan District D'ancient Fort.
Dean Castle was built in castles of The Qian Long period of the Qing Dynasty, has an extraordinary past several hundred years of history, vicissitudes, the spectacular strains was amazing. Dean Castle is 33 meters long, 30 meters wide, the the castle edge of a creek, two-kilometer range, boulders throughout.
The castle, there is still a magical legend. According to legend, in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Wufeng a celebrities Xu Shangguan, earlier is a long-term employment, mean to him because his sister-in-law, so every year the Spring Festival, he did not return to his hometown. One time, he accidentally learned that a pot of gold buried in the hills of his hometown, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, moon shadow shine in the mountains where there is buried gold where. Sure enough, the Mid-Autumn Festival, Xu Shangguan dug up a pot of gold. His vow, let him work to improve on the gold for the benefit of the neighbors. Villagers suffer great losses due then the bandits often to robbery, interference was, he built the castle, to protect neighbors.
Dean Castle to River Stone Leiqi, square building 37 meters long, 8.6 meters in height, the crib wall height of 1.4 meters the lower half to River Stone Leiqi, the upper half is concrete, 1.7 meters wide Huanlang East and North each with one stone arches, high, 2.3 m, and fire prevention, anti-theft devices, and now saw was a facade and Huanlang. Built when three 99 places for the Clan, indestructible, still retains the remains of the wall crenel witness Xu Shangguan descendants said, then Castle features a grain storage, wells, gun hole, fire facilities, fire security, anti-robbery, indestructible. It is said that around 1932, the 19th Route Army was stationed here a few months, and then bandits rebellion Castle fire, and there is no timely repairs, which finally led to the collapse. In 2002, the villagers tree chaos within the castle mound, debris cleared, before it become a beautiful landscape.
Worth mentioning D'Tulou has been renovated, full of the Buddhist culture, the "Jue Yuan College rebuilt on the site of the only remaining party inscriptions confirmed yesterday history, various stone farm implements show once The prosperity, stone, slate, old wooden waterwheel tell the story of the year. Stream The Tulou next piece of great artistic effect, crystal clear flowing slowly and leisurely; the surrounding Gaogaodidi grass, green almost equal to your eye; far away, a few of God Xianqi cattle leisurely feeding, walking.
Natural ecology is to hang around the artificial construction will not disrupt the quaint here, several buildings hut made antique, covered with thatch, that flavor really comparable year Kongming's Wollongong Township kitchen can cook mouthwatering the original flavor vegetable farm, here called a set of leisure, health, taste, fitness, creativity as one of the great rural resort.
Tour of Durban castle beautiful scenery, the leader of the tour guides organizations we do an expanding class team games, all eight pairs, two feet, respectively, stepping on the two boards work together with a lap around the circle, which group fastest time around the end, they win. The purpose of this competition is to make everyone feel the importance of teamwork, otherwise footsteps faltering inconsistency will lead to two pieces of wood. The game began in a tense each group work together in order to win victory, shouting "left, right, left, right ..." to move forward step by step. The last game at the end of the laughter, by the last group win.
After the lunch break, we started to prepare roasted sweet potatoes and eggs, so division of work, some digging, some assemble Fort, some pick Cai, some packets eggs, all of them extremely busy. The hardest is a puzzle Fort, due to the relatively soft soil, accidentally there might collapse, leading to fall short. Ultimately in everyone's concerted efforts, brick three Fort. Fort tear down those loess burned from red into black, black becomes gray, sweet potatoes and wrapped eggs into them, then burn them thoroughly covered. Wait patiently for an hour, delicious baked sweet potatoes can be freshly baked.
The waiting time is tough, especially for only watched three braved the heat of Fort heap eat goods are needed to divert their attention to something else, otherwise it will not contain himself restless heart . This is not the boss of the castle captured three big fish put less than 30 square meters next to the pond, greeted everyone to be brave enough to jump into the inside of catching fish caught can also take home.
Most of baked sweet potatoes just that the effort is done by the girls, now catch fish so "rare" opportunity, it is necessary to allow the boys to show the performance show skill. The beginning of the first, caught by the warehouse Hou Xinhua. Two behind the task by Zhang Yan ice, clothing Bin, Wei Qihua, Jiang hair, and Lin Yuping 5 a bent carefully back and forth up and down in the pond groping. Catch fish mood is excited and nervous, especially when hands touch the strange always subconsciously churn a total angered Lin Yuping several could not help but straightened up next to people shouted: "Do not catch me feet! "people can not help but laugh. These two fish body smooth and agile to be caught is not an easy task. The same day, Lin Yuping become recognized fishing experts, continuous caught two fish, happy to leave the flash in front of he and fish "intimate contact" moment.
Catch fish has nearly more than an hour, and has long been ripe the buried sweet potato and eggs. Holding a shovel and carefully opened the mound, picked up a sweet potato and egg. That sweet potatoes have been the shape of charcoal - skin has completely blackened, holding a scalding break apart the skin slightly scorched, suddenly smell the smell, and taste was especially sweet. That eggs, roasted before outside wrapped in wet paper towels, that tissue has not yet dried. After tearing the egg shell just like just in boiling water scooped like hot. Then eat goods have hungry eyes shining, where spare some time to boiling or not, say, a big mouth and bite down first peel the shell to eat, sentient beings could not help but to praise - "wow, I really fragrant ah!"
Solve the sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes, the last remaining one program pick fruit program. Guided to the hillside picking lemons Then when back farmers, shuttling hundreds of plants imported from Taiwan lemon than anyone else picked lemon. Mature lemon, has shown a yellow, smells pleasant fragrance, picking back soaked in water, it is very good skincare effect, more Cellulite slimming effect.
West to the beautiful sun faded, and also to the perfect end to our joy painting. The end of the day Dean Castle line attractions picturesque landscape style of a beautiful friendship between colleagues gave everyone left a deep memory. This collective activities not just relax Shochiku Company employees work mentality, but also enhanced mutual understanding, trust, and further enhance team cohesion, centripetal. We believe that the Shochiku's tomorrow will be better!