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Mold Ministry/ChangCong Lin




July 14, funded by the old staff dinner. We usher in the one week of the most wonderful moment - weekend. After work that day, we will end the team came the Songyu seafood Square "; after long hunger rumbled wait, staple up a man in a small bowl, instantly swept away, and then each other to meet the tune of laughter. Mold Ministry of Chen, Cheng Sister lead, one cup of sinks, food is also a series of up. Authentic and fresh frozen soil shoots up off introduction of the department, the trouble seemed so perfect, but no one could make me eat a few, because I only tasted shoots frozen soil smell too it had to Xing Xing mercy, port mercy. Let these new employees and old employees more familiar with each other's conversation. The end of the dinner crowd Forum Search KTV, organized a concert of all, one person, one song, "rattle of conversation screaming sound, accompanied by laughter, dice sound, wine glasses, until late at night, get enough to leave. 



The mold department with LED basketball match at 5:30 on July 21, after both players are in place, a ready a long time ago, kicked off the basketball court in the Cang industrial park within.




Mold department to the other attacks, a round down, neither harvest, mold and then have the initiative, is pulling the wind by the dribble Yang Shufeng and outbreak Male Cheng Hongwei, will seek to push to the front court,followed by a wonderful match, the first under a ride. LED players strive to attack the basket, sending the ball to the basket, but the basketball rebellious not to fall in., making the first section we first Oita leading LED to be outdone, the two departments to overtake each other's achievements been ran on in the game, and the beginning of the second section, the LED sector slightly adjusted, attack more fiercely effective, but fortunately, the the mold Department of unabated finally maintain the advantage to the last; I only bench as a mold department, and finally in the third quarter of the game play, although the performance of a little "b": 2 goals, 2 steals, 2 boards. Fortunately, the score did not fall soon. The last one, because the LED's extremely weak and weakening the offensive but still make a last-force to the ball; final end of the mold Ministry of a slight advantage achievements of 38:34, won the friendly match. After the game to win a team per person and also get a nice souvenir. The schedule is short, but we get to know the long-term deep-rooted friendship spare time, sometimes music, which is indispensable to the life side.



Life is movement, so I love sports!