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Automobile mold policy planning awesome Qingyuan to build China's mold machinery manufacturing equipment industry park


  Automobile mold policy planning development opportunity " Automobile manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization planning" requirements, key parts and components technology to realize independent, new energy automobile parts   technology to meet international standards, the implementation of key parts and components industry and independent public testing organizations production, learning, research the   combination of key auto parts, automobile generator construction technology heart power module production system, master body development technology, these request an important automobile die technology to reflect; automobile industry growth is mainly the policy growth, benefited from the country's response to the financial crisis, economic growth, adjusting structure and a series of planning.

  China's auto parts industry is also popular growth. If a growth in the industry is competitive, high-quality, diversified, individualized growth, it is healthy, balanced, sustainable; China
automotive market share has been greatly improved, showed a new round of growth. In addition, the independent brand market share increase, the parts industry will undoubtedly have great negative effect; with the auto market demand remained strong and structural improvement of drive in the high-grade car demand gradually release. At the same time, because of the two or three line of the city and rural demand burst, micro-car sales continued to grow considerably, drive Chinese automotive parts industry rapid development, auto parts mold industry obtained great progress.

  Automobile die industry development situation

  Recently, international and metal mold plastic industry suppliers association responsible person said that Luo Baihui, China's plastic mold the overall market size will increase by
about 13%, to 2015 plastic mold production value will reach 142000000000 yuan, year all older rate is about 12%, mold and mold standard parts exports will grow to around $700000000 in 2015. China's automobile, motorcycle industry every year to need about 20000000000 Yuan mold, and create a common car about 200 pieces of interior decoration mould manufacturing, and bumper, dashboard, steering wheel, tank and other required large and medium-sized plastic mold is only about 50% to meet.

  Guangdong Province, Dongguan city Changan town planning in the next 3 to 5 years time, in the Binhai new area to build an area of 8000 acres of Auto Industrial Park, the first phase of the planning of 3000 acres of land, infrastructure investment of 3000000000 yuan. The industrial park will rely on the Dongguan city and Changan town comprehensive industrial infrastructure, to undertake domestic and foreign auto industry transfer, Guangzhou Honda, Toyota, Nissan meet and Shenzhen BYD and other surrounding project component market demand.


  Changchun annual mold needs reach nearly 2000000000 yuan, according to international and metal mold plastic industry suppliers association responsible person introduced Luo
Baihui, the future 3 years, Changchun railway car plan form 800 EMUs, 800 urban rail passenger capacity, realize output value of tens of billions of dollars, to a world class track coach manufacturing center forward, it is northeast die industry and auto parts industry development created good opportunity.

  Botou City automobile die industry to occupy the domestic market share of domestic automobile mold become larger, relatively dense area. At the same time, also in Shanghai Nanpu
    billion investment in the establishment of the Shanghai margin of automobile body manufacturing limited liability company, invested 20000000 yuan in Dezhou set up Guangde limited liability company. Through long-term development, the Botou City automobile die industry has formed a set of industry group, industry chain, advantage company group as one of the interactive and coordinated development pattern.

  Automotive plastic parts and components industry car industry for the dependence degree is high, as in recent years of market of our country car continued rapid development of
China and even the world, increasing the amount of car ownership, market of auto plastic parts and components products increasing demand.

  Association of automobile industry branch chairman of the Monday force calculating home intermediate car average plastic dosage of about 135kg / car, according to the plastic of
the average unit price can measure out cycling with plastic raw material value is about 2000 dollars. Based on a number of industry experts interview and the automotive plastic parts mainly represents the product of the analysis thinks, general automotive plastic parts of raw materials in proportion to the total cost of about 50%-70%, so calculation, bicycle plastic parts value will reach an average of about 3300 yuan.

  According to conservative estimates, at present plastic market capacity of about 35000000000, by 2013 will reach 50000000000 yuan.

  Die industry output value and its related industry output ratio is 1 : 100, namely every 100000000 Yuan mold can be driven about 10000000000 yuan in the development of relevant
industry, known as the" golden key" mold industry development trend of the development of related industries to become refraction mirror. International Mold & metal plastic industry suppliers association responsible person pointed out by Luo Baihui, an industry" radiation" and Industrial Park building advance inseparable, mold industry also began to build their   own growing chain. Promote the clusters, and gradually form a reasonable division of labor, supporting sound, close cooperation of die industry chain, to promote regional mold and related industry chain and the development of manufacturing industry has become the trend of.

  Global value chain, industrial upgrading

  A change in Guangdong mold industry development the fate of the industrial park in North China will rise in the earth!" Die proud" -- the wheel of the shares, the group reached the
group enterprises have to deploy forces, stationed in Qingyuan High-tech Zone in  Foshan ( Qingyuan) industrial transfer park. This is the wisdom of the storm and the capital strength    of the collision of a "Qingyuan consensus" : in the Qingyuan high-tech zone to build a world-class mold industry park -- China mold manufacturing equipment industrial park.

  Mold industry is known as" the mother of industry", is a measure of a country and region industry an important indicator of the level. On the scale, China's mold production after the
United States, Japan is third in the world; in terms of quality, our country mostly mold is only the lower level, large and high-end mold most rely on imports. Guangdong is our country manufacturing industry big province, equipment manufacturing main income in 2005 has been more than 1.8 trillion yuan, mold production accounted for four of the country into.

However, Guangdong has not yet formed high grade mold industrial zones.

  In 2010, Guangdong auto industry total production value will reach 300000000000 yuan, only a kind of model cars have 4000 sets of mould, the value of 2 - 300000000 Yuan, but
domestic mold because of lack of only a small number of grades and can get involved," waterside pavilion appears less month " awkward situation.

  Global value chain, industrial upgrading is once again thrown to the China opportunity. Mold" big bird", in whose home in Qingyuan city tomorrow? Do not hesitate to seize this
golden opportunity.

  According to Luo Baihui, in Qingyuan to build a world-class Mold Machinery Industrial Park has three major advantages:

  One is the Qingyuan has a huge extension of land resources for follow-up industrial land, safeguard Industrial Park development.

  Two is the area of Qingyuan advantage. Qingyuan's water, land, air transportation network, growing into the Pearl River Delta economic circle, Guangzhou is the" airport"," harbor",
highway and rail transportation network effective radiation range, is more Guangfu economic circle industry gradient transfer most convenient channel.

  Three is the Guangdong will form 300000000000 yuan of automobile industrial cluster, and the Qingyuan high-tech zone is located in the 100 km supply ring, industrial cluster
advantage is particularly evident.

  Qingyuan" China mold machinery manufacturing equipment industry park" is completed, annual output value will reach 51000000000 yuan, tax benefit 15000000000 yuan, drive local
economy and industrial output value of 100000000000 yuan, solve the employment of 170000 people; at the same time will put up a from Chinese processing to Chinese manufacturing, finally realize China created a modern industrial platform, comprehensive promotion China 's mold design and manufacturing level and CNC machinery modernization level, further Service Guangdong Province automobile manufacturing industry, to enhance China's automobile manufacturing is homebred change a standard.

  Reprinted from: China Light Industry Mold