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See how the die in life make the mare go show with


  Human life, the development of science and technology, the progress of the society, these are inseparable from the mold to copy out product. Arrive greatly car, aircraft, spacecraft, small appliances, building materials, daily necessities, the mold industry has affected all aspects of human life, but also long-term effects. China has become the mold production and consumption country in the world, mold production center is transferred to our country. After our country joins WTO, be developed countries such as Europe and America known as" magnetic industry" in the mold industry, there are a number of national manufacturing industry transfer to China, the mold industry is facing unprecedented development opportunity.

  High technology in the field of integrated circuit design and manufacturing, can not do the lead frame precision progressive die and Precision IC plastic mold; computer shell,
connectors and many components manufacturing, must also have the precision plastic mold and precision stamping die; digital electronic products ( including communication product) development, no precision mold. Then, our country so huge mold industry, what market share bigger?

  One car die: our car, autocycle market competition turns white-hot gradually, more than 10 years, decades models of cars will be eliminated, consumers in the pursuit of its
performance is more perfect, more excellent preparation, on the exterior of the vehicle will also have higher desire. Automobile, motorcycle only continuous introduction of new products, new models to adapt to the buyers appetite, and each type of car need thousands of mold, the price on 100 million yuan. Each type of motorcycle to nearly 1000 side mold, the value of about 10000000 yuan. And each vehicle retrofit will have 80% mold to be eliminated.

  Two is the electronic communications and IT mold: this kind of mold market, audio and video products accounted for the bulk, especially TV mold. The production of a microcomputer
   to die more than 30 side, and the rapid development of communication industry, communication products are updated quickly, the mold is also great demand.

  Three is the home appliance mold: now the production of refrigerator about mold 350, value 4000000 yuan; the production of a fully automatic washing machine to mold 200, value
30000000 yuan; the production of an air conditioning plastic mold has 20 side, the value of 1500000 yuan.

  Four building materials, medicine, kitchen equipment: the next five years of plastic doors and windows, plastic drainage pipes and decorative plastic products, medical equipment,
kitchen equipment will have a great development. By 2010, the popularity rate of plastic doors and windows and plastic pipe penetration rate will reach 30% ~ 50%, die on the increase in demand. The production of plastic pipe fittings, doors and windows of the mold enterprise, development foreground is very good," into the world" hind will not impact.

Obviously, the mold industry already from the past dependence on imports of the affiliated industry to a new independent industry.

  Reprinted from: China Light Industry Mold