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Mold standard parts industry present situation analysis


  Where industry is relatively developed country, the standardization job seriously relatively, because it brought to industry quality, efficiency and benefit. The mold is special shaping tool products, although individuation is strong, but also the industrial products, so the standardization work is very important. Die mold standardization work mainly includes the technical standards for the formulation and implementation of mold, mold standard parts production and application and relevant standards, to carry out publicity and promotion work.

  China mold standard work of the late start, coupled with the promotion, implementation and promotion strength is small, so the standardization of die and mold behind the production,
more behind many of the world's industrial developed countries. Die abroad developed countries, such as Japan, America, Germany, die mold standardization work for nearly 100 years of history, the formulation of standard mold, mold standard parts production and supply, has formed a complete system. China's mold standardized work is from" the National Standardization Technical Committee molds after the founding of the" started in 1983. China currently has about 2 thousand mold production unit, mold production had very great progress, but compared with the requirements of industrial production, is very incommensurate, one of the important reasons is that the mold standardization degree and level is not high.

  China mold standardization system includes four categories, namely: the mold base mold process standard, quality standard, mold parts and mold production standards and the
relevant technical standard. Mold standard and can be mainly classified standard mold stamping die, plastic injection mold, die casting, forging standard standard standard mold, cold heading die standard fasteners, wire drawing die, cold extrusion die standard standard standard mold, rubber, glass products and automotive mold die standard such as the ten major categories. At present, China has more than 50 standard mold a total of more than 300 standard and auto die components of 14 generic device and 244 varieties, a total of 363 standard. These standards and carry out publicity, improve the degree and level of Chinese standardization of die and mold. With the increase of international communication, imported mold domestic work and the development of foreign funded enterprises on the mold supporting the international standardization requirements put forward, on the one hand, standards setting pay attention to adopt international standards and foreign advanced national standards, including the adoption of advanced enterprise standards; on the other hand a lot of mold standard parts production enterprises according to the market in addition to the Chinese standards of production, mold standard parts, but also by the foreign advanced enterprise standards of production mold standard parts. Such as Japan" rich Teba", Germany" Haas test " and the company has been a standard in the Chinese popular.

  Mold industry often referred to " mold standardization degree" concept is more complex, distinct from the machinery industry commonly used in" the degree of standardization". The
latter generally can use standard parts used to measure, while the former often refers to the" mold standard parts using coverage". Because of China's mold standardization work not later, mold standard parts production, sales, promotion and application of the work is relatively backward, therefore, mold standard parts specifications, supply timely, less support and other problems exist for a long time, so that the mold standard parts using coverage has been relatively low. This year although the foreign involvement, the proportion had bigger rise, but overall is still very low. According to preliminary estimates, at present this easy roughly in proportion to 40%-45%. While the international in general more than 70%, small and medium-sized mold in 80% above. Because Chinese enterprises die and the nature of the area, mold standard parts using coverage exists very big difference. Foreign funded enterprises than other enterprises, firms in the South than the North high. This was most evident in guangdong. Guangdong has a large number of foreign-funded enterprises, they ledto other enterprise idea transformation and the development of the market, so Guangdong mold enterprises mold standard parts using coverage is far higher than other regions of the mold enterprise. Implement the standard mold, the mold standard parts, not only can improve the quality of mold, but also can reduce the production cost and shorten production cycle.

 Relevant statistics show that : the use of mold standard parts can make enterprises mold processing time saving 25%-45%, can shorten the production cycle of 30%-40%. With the industrial products and more variety, small batch, personalized, fast cycle production development, in order to improve the market economy in the rapid response ability and competitive ability, in the mold manufacturing cycle appears more and more important today, the mold standardization more significant.Mold standard parts for socialization large quantities of specialized production, but China has long has been scattered, chaotic, poor situation. The so-called" scattered", is mainly mold standard parts production factory point too loose, rarely can form economic quantities. The so-called" chaos", is mainly the standard chaos, enterprise often according to GB, the superscript and past several targets and some standard production rate, but also on a daily basis, Germany, United States, Switzerland and other foreign standards and some foreign famous enterprise's high standard of production. At the same time, mold standard parts market chaos, disorder competition causes many adverse consequences. The so-called" bad", is a mold standard parts of poor quality and enterprise benefit. In recent years along with the foreign capital enterprises, the situation has improved, but still did not change at all. Production and needs to be compared, still have bigger difference. Some enterprises from the quality and the level of Kung Fu, but only to the price on the demand a low price, resulting in excessive cause after Jerry, pass off the sham as the genuine, quality drops, thus affecting many enterprises, makes the mold standard parts general rate of profit, and even some enterprises to the brink of loss. Sales in the mold standard parts market play an important role in. The current national point of sale although has nearly 100, but most small scale, stock is not much, sales of small, even if is association of Chinese mould industry standard parts Committee mold standard parts sales network of more than 50 operating units, also have the same problems.

Individual unit plans to carry out online marketing and e-commerce, but this work started soon, want to form dimensions to still need time. " Fifteen" China mold industry development planning are presented: mold standard parts to expand the varieties, improve accuracy, to swap. One of the main varieties, such as frame, guide, push rod, elastic components, to achieve mass production according to economy of scale. In 2005 the mold standard parts using the coverage rate of 60%, reached over 70% in 2010 ( including large mold 60% parts to realize standardization ), basically meet the needs of the market, formwork, guide, push rod, the push tube, an elastic element, standard components, small standard parts ( such as the standard punch and die, sprue bushing, a positioning ring, hooks, etc.) and hot runner component is focused on the development of. Visible mold standardization and the mold standard parts of the arduous tasks and prospects. Association of Chinese mould industry standard parts Committee proposed the mold standardization working guiding ideology is: standardization is the foundation, professional direction, commercialization is the key.

  Reprinted from: China Light Industry Mold