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Global die industry situation and market competition ability


  Global main mold production country in Asia, including Japan South Korea and China, the United States, Europe and the Americas region of Germany, International Mould Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui noted that, due to the mold industry, much to small and medium enterprises business style, therefore, in the operation of fund raising is often   difficult, if not the policy support of the government and tax incentives, the mold industry will form it and fight a lone battle conditions, not to mention and the competition of the international market. In addition to mainland China and South Korea, countries are facing labor high cost pressure, therefore only improve the added value of products in order to get rid of the low cost competition pressure.


  Global tooling industry overview


  In the world's major mold production and marketing country, mainland mold number and number of employees up to nearly 70 percent, state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded   enterprises also accounted for the majority, large-scale mold factory employs about 600 ~ 700 people, more scale of thousands of companies, to Hon Hai to investment group ( Foxconn ) the number of employees nearly 6000 people the most representative, medium-sized mold factory is 150 ~ 300 people, small mold factory is at least about 50 people, other countries of the mold industry use to small and medium-sized enterprise style management.


  In product categories, 2002 Japan and mainland on the production of stamping die and plastic mold, both total and high proportion of output value of 80%, South Korea and other mould production value proportion is the largest, occupy total production value four into seven. In the application of market, Japan, South Korea, the United States and Germany to automobile die for the biggest products, but our country is in electronic communication products for mold.


  According to the 2002 National entry and super situation, Japan, South Korea and Germany's die which belongs to a strong / quasi surplus goods, the mainland and the United States die due to domestic demand market, domestic manufacturers can not complete supply, shall be made by imported mold to meet the needs of the downstream market of product   manufacturing, therefore is strong / access ultra products. By 2002, all major import and export market analysis, and geographical distribution are of great relevance, import and export regions belonging to neighboring countries, and Japan more special export area mainly to the United States, but with the Chinese mainland in recent years each downstream industry rapid development, has been gradually expanding mainland market trends.


  In the United States national wage, according to the China World Trade Center Bureau in 2002 for mold industry survey results, to Germany at the highest paid, and technical personnel salary to $12.13 to $ 19.28, designers for $16.91 to $ 25.26, Japan and the United States are intermediate between those of the mainland, the minimum wage, and technical personnel salary of only $732 ~ $5853, designers only $2927 to $ 5853, the highest annual salary for a baseline and German comparison, then only can employ the German   technical staff of about 38 days, this can be seen in advanced countries and Mainland China low wage cost gap so big.


  Global die country competitiveness analysis


  Technology advanced countries such as Japan, the United States, Germany, for the high precision and complex mold development, regardless of ability in the design or manufacturing technology, has the leading position, but also has excellent technical R & D personnel training. Among them, the Japanese mold manufacturers in the technology pay more attention to polishing and grinding process, the German mold manufacturers by the improvement of the machining and the machining precision and efficiency to proceed, in order to reduce the manual processing time. In the market, regardless of the value or domestic demand to economic recession in Japan the most obvious. The operating costs, often face high salary, high welfare problem, therefore the downstream industry or mold manufacturers gradually production foothold to adjacent to the burgeoning industrial state or the technology backward countries, in order to reduce labor cost, enhance the price competitiveness, but this trend is often caused by technology invisibly drain doubts, makes itself more need the input large research and development costs, in order to accelerate the improvement of processing technology and high mechanical properties, pull big the difference between them.


  In Taiwan, South Korea and China mainland, our country to lag behind in technology in virtue, but still better than South Korea and Mainland China, at the same time in the production rate to also be way ahead, but South Korean and Chinese mainland in recent years market production and demand scale presents growth trend, particularly in Mainland China mold industry is developing fast, well-known manufacturers in the production equipment, virtually enhance mold development strength and ability to design. Cost, mainland China and South Korea have relatively low labor cost advantage, the mold on the price, often adopt low price marketing into the market, so in the global boom in poor situation, successfully grab market buyers of all ages, the most obvious example is the value of exports rise.


  Reprinted from: China Light Industry Mold