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The Chinese enterprise of powerful road


  Abstract: in industry of our country mould, private enterprises occupy a large proportion of the number of. According to incomplete statistics, only Zhejiang province private individual mold enterprise to have many 6000, year production value amounts to 6000000000 yuan high mold. With the mold industry raising the level of production technology, equipment condition improvement and expansion of production scale, and die at home and abroad the increasingly fierce market competition, how to build on the existing foundation to further strengthen and improve the private, individual mold enterprise management? First, the small size of the enterprise, how to do strong foundation appropriate bigger? These enterprises,the past is to rely on oneself to accumulate every little bit, this year to buy several pieces of equipment, build a few plant next year, developed by rolling. But the times are different, now is the business information age, Internet has entered thousands of households, but why are young people, not by a middle-aged recognized entrepreneurs, why not use electronic commerce to international standards, so that our business owners do not out of the house will be able to receive orders at home and abroad, let a foreigner or want to and you the cooperation of the manufacturers in the Internet can find you, what is there against it?? isn't this is successfully go out of the country into the world of the shortcut? Second, private enterprise family management mode and mechanism of choose and employ persons otherwise should reform, used to carve the accumulation of capital, buy equipment, construction plant, has a certain scale, which are members of a family the result of joint efforts. Up to now many enterprises are still the husband as the general manager, his wife when the chairman or chief accountant. The face of fierce market competition environment, in the face of enterprises to raise the level of technology and equipment conditions improve, in the face of the expansion of the scale of enterprises, and then use the "familial type management" and" Ren Renwei Pro " mechanism of choose and employ persons, it seems that is out of date. Therefore, private enterprises should also" Ren Renwei virtuous"," but is used". Let the talented person in charge of the enterprise production management, technology management and marketing management. In order to do, so long as has the ability, as long as they can achieve beneficial result for the enterprise, not related to the " entrusted with the task of". Shopping malls such as the battlefield, the management ability, technical ability person is put in significant position, make him" in its place, seek its politics" business to run, in the fierce competition in the market can remain invincible. Mold enterprises how to keep talents, but also a problem that is worth to discuss. Talent flow," a pool of stagnant water", is not conducive to the growth of talent and role play. But the flow of talent is too frequent," be quick to switch sides"," hit one gun to trade a place", also does not favor the staff experience, skill accumulation and development of enterprise. Third, enterprise production management mode to reform, how to reform? Enterprise management mode is not immutable and frozen, but with the development of productivity, raising the level of technology, constantly changing. The last of these enterprise production equipment is a few ordinary cars, milling, planing, grinding wheel machine and drilling machine, pliers, a fitter master with a few disciples, execute from a to Z "Contractor business". Now some private accumulated funds, purchase of CNC machine tools, bought a computer, workstation, then use the past master fitter contracting type old approach would be inappropriate. In Europe,the United States and other countries die enterprises, most of them are 30 to 50 small businesses, but CAD / CAM application level is high, the NC processing equipment, mold precision parts and components rely on advanced processing equipment to ensure workers, strict operation, each of the mold parts processing are in place, the last fitter decoration workload a small, about 50 people die factory, assembly generally only 2 to 3 people. At present, most of our enterprise can not do this, but the NC equipment. CAD / CAM application good enterprise, can increase economic benefits to set out, the existing contract type management mode of production to gradually reform. In fourth, small scale of the enterprise, how    to adhere to the small and specialized, small but excellent, small and special specialization manufacturing road? According to the market demand, according to their own technology, capital, equipment and other conditions, determine their own product positioning and market positioning. A small enterprise scale, funds and technical force is finite, cannot be mixed to what die stem, but should seek accurate market fixed position, product positioning, concentrated force quantity gradually formed its own technology and product advantages. For small businesses, the most crucial is to should do "strong", rather than blindly do "". Big and not strong" empty fat"," a fresh recruit" to "take a day". Now there have been many small enterprises at home and abroad, due to adhere to the small and specialized, small but excellent, small and special specialization manufacturing road, became" small-sized giant", they not only in the fierce market competition in the firm footing, and occupy more market share.

  Industrial structure is perfect with each passing day car mold is developed urgently  Since the reform and opening up, China FAW, the steam, weather, fly, Hafei Automobile Mold Factory through the introduction of technology and technical innovation, design and manufacture of large and medium-sized auto cover mold equipment conditions have been greatly improved. Due to the adoption of the international advanced mold processing equipment, manufacturing technology and software, the realization of CAD / CAE / CAM integration, improve the mold design development and manufacturing capacity, shorten the mold of the production cycle, and for the new Jetta, small red flag" Century Star", Beverly, Xiali car design and manufacture of a large coverage mold; auto mold company also made FAW and American Ford joint design of the big red car engine hood plates inside and outside and left and right front fender and other high-end mold. However, in the independent design, development and manufacturing of complete set of large and medium-sized car cover mold, we have with foreign advanced level photograph is compared, still have bigger difference; the car of large covering parts mainly rely on imports, China-made low degree. International Mold & Metal Plastic Industry Suppliers Association executive secretary Luo Baihui said, the rapid development of the automobile industry to domestic mold enterprises brought hitherto unknown challenge and opportunity, how to grasp opportunity, keep up with the pace of development of automobile industry, is placed in domestic die industry the problems demanding prompt solution.

In recent years, China's mold industry to accelerate the system reform and mechanism changeover pace, industrial structure is becoming more rational, more and more foreign
enterprises to see the growing Chinese market mold, have entered the Chinese market to die, many international well-known automotive die enterprise, injection mold enterprises have entered China, and entered the Chinese market very fast, very fast, international and metal mold plastic industry suppliers association executive secretary Luo Baihui said, foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market, not only will the funds into the Chinese market, but also brought advanced technology, equipment and factory management. For example, Toyota set up a factory in Tianjin, from the planning, construction and production cost in total less than a year's time, the United States of America SEKELY company in   North America is a large stamping die factory, in 06 years and set up factories in Shanghai, the second phase of the project is mainly stamping mold, North American Magna 06 years in Tianjin airport has been completed a certain amount of stamping factory, and in the Southern China region of Guangdong, Shenzhen area, Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign enterprises meet the eye everywhere, mold sales volume to become China's most populous region .In the domestic automobile industry is developing rapidly today, the mold industry has largely become the measure of a car manufacturer and a national auto industry development level symbol. Auto body die, especially large and medium-sized die, is an important part of automobile body manufacturing technology, but also the formation of automobile independent development ability is one of the key links. It is understood, Tianjin Automobile dies companies use of national support for development of die industry 4000000 yuan tax return, in batches to send staff to the Japanese Toyota company mold factory training, accumulative total amounts to 28 / month, and requested the Japanese experts to the factory for specific technical guidance, accumulative total is 32 / month, learn car overlays mold manufacturing technology, in the Xiali car local change, take 4 large outer cover mold manufacturing task; in Sichuan Honda coaster bus project, assume full cover die manufacturing tasks. FAW, two steam mold factory, is currently being further deepen the reform, strive to the internal management mechanism to liven. In quality management, capital management and production management, and there is much fineness in do.


  Private enterprises mold 's rise is also the entire Chinese Die & mould industry structure in a major restructuring, private enterprises mold in the mold market already occupied dominant position. According to Luo Baihui said, in a few years ago, people referred to automotive die enterprise, they probably think of FAW, Dongfeng, weather and other enterprises, but now this pattern has been broken, more and more private automotive die enterprise began to enter the front of the industry, they are stepping on the pace of the times,follow the international advanced level of mold development footprints, in China's mold market set off a wave of another upsurge. Many of the emerging private enterprises mold good at summing up the whole of China mold industry development course, learn from the valuable experience lesson, and its digestion and absorption in the corporate planning and development strategy. Private enterprises mold in the use of funds more freedom, promote its market go is state-operated enterprise quickly. Many private enterprises mold also paid great attention to brand construction, pay attention to the information construction of enterprises, enterprises pay attention to the international market development, and implementation of professional mold production.

  Botou automotive die industry development, the peer attention. In 2005 was named the National Automotive Industry Park of 30 strong, China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Zhang Xiao Yu made this assessment:" Botou automotive die industry equipment, processing capacity, in a short period of time had the rapid enhancement,completed by other enterprises in the same industry takes five years, ten years, or even longer time to complete the process of." According to the mold network general manager Zhang Lifeng introduced, Botou city within a radius of 15 km within the scope of automobile mould manufacturer specializing in the production of automotive die 32, year trade the quantity occupies the same industry accounted for 1 / 7, in which year sales revenue is in the enterprise of 20000000 above have 8, two enterprises are China Mold Association as China die top 50 ( one car die manufacturers only 11), and the group is the largest automotive mold manufacturing private enterprises, the FAW, the steam, Hafei, to fly four state-owned large enterprises die after ranked fifth nationwide; mould industry in Botou in the 264 industrial investment projects accounted for 26, the total industrial project 9.2%, plans to invest up to $6700000000.

  Wuhu is the Chinese national brand automobile Chery is located, is Asia's largest production of plastic profile gathered. Auto, chemical building materials, electrical appliances mold a strong market demand, attracting many domestic and foreign mold entrepreneur eye. From Taiwan Fuzhen giken company with Chery automobile joint venture construction Wuhu Fuzhen giken company since, Wuhu has been the rapid development of automobile die. Wuhu two existing mold industrial park and Rui Hu car mold concentration area, three garden ( area) were gathered together nearly 100 Chinese and foreign automotive die enterprise. As of 2009 December, Wuhu has a mold enterprise 183, dimensions above 10, mold production value 2280000000 yuan, among them economic and Technological Development Zone has 72, the output value of 1120000000 yuan; Bridge Development Zone 47, the output value of 487000000 yuan; high-tech development zone 18, the output value of the 2. The 100000000 element. With production and processing all types of mold, jig, fixture, tooling equipment capacity of 25000 tons, has formed mold main categories of steel mold, extrusion mold, casting mold, injection mold, die-casting mould, fixture, jig, fixture, but also for the host plant for the production of injection molding, stamping parts and so on. The existing large Longmen processing center with a total of 76 Taiwan, large three coordinate 16, used to test oil press, injection molding machine nearly taiwan. Has a number of various types of vertical machining center, electric spark, line cutting, general machine tools, injection molding and stamping production line, the size of machine tools, nearly 100 Taiwan ( sets), with the development of the mold industry, the level of equipment has been further improved.


  Wuhu High-tech Zone of China Wuhu ( International ) Die City, mainly in Zhejiang, Shanghai mold enterprises, mainly engaged in automotive die production, has been assigned to more than 30 enterprises.

  North of the city of Wuhu national economic and Technological Development Zone Park, to automotive and home appliance mold, there are nearly 40 mold enterprises. The weir automotive technology is a Taiwan-funded automotive die enterprise, around has gathered 7 mold enterprises.

  Rui Hu car mold is made from the raw Fuzhen giken company equity transfer after the newly established Chery owned auto mould company, mainly engaged in automobile covering parts, fixture and jig development and production, is the only Anhui province to a full set of production A, B level vehicle mold enterprises. In 2009, Rui Hu company with a flying integrated science and technology joint venture with white body die mainly of" Anhui integrated into fly Rui Hu car mold company", a total investment of 230000000 yuan, has been completed and put into production.


  In 2009 Wuhu City homemade commodity mould production value of nearly 500000000 yuan, occupy complete province automobile mold volume 50%. Wuhu Anhui has become the   most concentrated area of automobile die. The area of Wuhu is the center of Wanjiang City belt, superior location, along with the coastal industrial transfer, Wuhu hopes to become China automobile die of. At the same time, the mold industry economic growth source will promote Wuhu industry industry chain in sustainable development, and direct effect on the development of Wuhu economy high speed channel.

  According to the international and metal mold plastic industry suppliers association executive secretary general Luo Baihui to introduce, 2011 listed new mold is to be developed, example: the new Sonata, the Volkswagen NMS, Changan, the new Teana new Mermaid, POLO, A4, B90, brilliance Pentium 11 Sports &, Mercedes' new A system, refine Le Chang, MG5, FS, modern classic the new Mitsubishi Zinger, 11 new Passat B7L, Toyota, Lu Chi, new Fawkes, Xin'an de la E5, Qiyun, Global Hawk GL7, new accent, imperial, imperial EX7 EC8, Guang Yi Zhi, Ruiqi Z5, Chevrolet loved only Europe, 11 QQ3, BYD L3, paragraph 11 fit, Kia K5, paragraph 11 the new Jetta, Audi NCS winning new A6. Automobile die although unlike a car that is the mass production of products, but the mode of lean production principles and requirements, can be drawn lessons from and combined mold production features to be used. At present the world car production pile up in excess of requirement, competition is intense, auto mold import prices will gradually decline. The car is one of the pillar industries in China, must form a cars large and medium-sized die independent development ability. If we can improve the technological level and management level of a assiduously, the management mechanism of the ideological and political work well liven,, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, the domestic automobile mold factory auto mould production value in the" 12th Five-Year Plan" will have tripled space. Of course, in the improvement of automobile body mould homebred change rate at the same time, import sophisticated large automotive covering parts, is a must.

  Reprinted from: China Light Industry Mold