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    All the customers’requirements should be eveluated by the responsible persons of technical,production,purchasing,QA and other related deparments. To cut down the defects risks of design,enhanec the reliability of the product and process, FMEA on beginning of new projects and the related control plan are necessary.


    Sunzone implements comprehensive quality management system, which minimizes the influence on the products in the five aspects of human labor, machine, material, regulation and link, and realizes the high-efficient, precise and stable production. We monitor and control quality wave through SPC control chart in the production process, and the capacity to realize the process (Cpk) reaches 1.33. In the aspect of measuring system, we adopt bias, linear and RG&R, and other methods, to guarantee the stability and accurateness of measuring system.



                                           FMEA(Failure Mode Effect Analysis) 


                                                                          Control plan 


                                              Statistical  Process  Control  SPC Control Chart 



                                         (Complex Process Capability index CPK monitoring